Quarterly Counseling Calendar


*Classroom visit
*Needs Assessment
*New student orientation
*Interview for groups
*Small group programs begin
*Meet with students on attendance
*Classroom Counseling lessons (Social Emotional Learning) Begins


*Continuation of individual and small group counseling
*Continuation of Classroom Counseling
*8th Career exploration and high school planning through Naviance program.


*Continuation of individual and small group counseling
*Continuation of classroom counseling
*5th Grade Orientation Program
    -Ms. Keliher (6th grade counselor) visits elementary schools
    -Elementary schools visit us
    -Parent information meetings
*7th Grade Counselor visits 6th grade… “Preparing for 7th grade.”
*8th Grade tours AB Tech, Buncombe County Early College, and Nesbitt Discovery Academy
*8th High School orientation/registration activities
*8th Initiating the 4-year plan for high school

On Going Activities

Individual and group counseling
Classroom Counseling
New student orientation

School Improvement Team
504 Coordination
Grade level meetings
Participate in parent conferences
Home visits
Attend Child and Family Team meetings
Monitor attendance 
Crisis Team members 
Community Resource Team with United Way