Reynolds Middle School students have a variety of clubs to choose from to enrich their school experience. Clubs are inteneded to allow students to explore areas of interest.

Battle of the Books

The purpose of the Battle of the Books program is to encourage reading by all students at the middle school level. Students, regardless of ability, are exposed to quality literature presenting a variety of literary styles and viewpoints by prominent authors in the area of young adult literature. The fame format creates interest and excitement in reading.

Through the fun and excitement of the competition, students improve reading skills, mature in their choices of reading materials, and acquire a broader knowledge base. Even during the height of the competition, students and coaches should remember that the goal is to READ, not necessarily to win.

Math Counts

MATHCOUNTS® is a national math enrichment, coaching and competition program that promotes middle school mathematics achievement through grassroots involvement in every U.S. state and territory. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, MATHCOUNTS is one of the most successful education partnerships involving volunteers, educators, industry sponsors and students.

     Each year, thousands of teachers use the free MATHCOUNTS curriculum materials to supplement classroom materials or as part of an extracurricular student activity. Those wishing to fully capitalize on the ability of the creative MATHCOUNTS materials to challenge students and motivate them to develop strong math skills also participate in the MATHCOUNTS competition series.

     After several months of coaching, participating schools select students to compete individually or as part of a team in one of the more than 500 written and oral competitions held nationwide and in U.S. schools overseas. Winners at the local level proceed to state competitions, where the top 4 Mathletes® and top coach earn the right to represent their state or territory at the national level. At all levels, MATHCOUNTS challenges students' math skills, develops their self-confidence and rewards them for their achievements.

Student Ambassadors/SAVE

These students are nominated by teachers because they show leadership skills and are exemplary representatives of  AC Reynolds Middle. The ambassadors support new students by giving them a tour of the school, being a friendly face to ask for help, and checking-in with new students to make sure they are finding their way. They also welcome families for awards ceremonies, family night, and other events at the school. The student ambassadors also show our rising 6th graders around the school during the visits. Student ambassadors help create connections and build a strong school community. They engage in projects that promote a safe and supportive school community.

Student Leadership Committee

The Student Leadership Committee is a group of students nominated by their teachers to be a student voice in the school. These students have exhibited leadership skills and work to develop these skills in the meetings. The SLC works on a project every year that will contribute to the Reynolds community positively. The committee members are leaders in the school and their grade, creating friendships with classmates and bringing concerns and student voices to the forefront. They meet monthly during the school day to learn, plan, and grow. 

8th Grade Leadership Club

The 8th Grade Leadership Club is a way for students to contribute to the school community.  Students volunteer to help teachers, raise and take down the flag, create posters and flyers for events, present about leaders and leadership opportunities, and so much more. 

Girl Up

Girl Up is an internation club focused on supporting girls around the world and within our own community. As a member of Girl Up, students can participate in local and global women's rights advocacy, events, fundraising, community service, and more. The Reynolds Middle School Girl Up club is affiliated with the Reynolds High School Girl Up club.

Art Club

In Art Club students experiment with mixed media techniques and traditional bookmaking to create sketchbooks. Students will continue to utized mixed media to fill their sketchbooks with the art they create.

Global Explorers

The world is so big and there is much to learn. This club will help students learn about other countries and thier cultures. Students will explore food, dance, music, and the traditions of world cultures.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math for interested novices and talented artists alike. Activities will include building bridges, science experiments, engineering challenge contests, graphic design and illustration, and coding. Students will solve problems through innovation and design in a collaborative, process based, learning environment.