Physical Education

P. E. Coaches

Coach Cathleen Higgins
Physical Education/Athletic Director

Coach Kenneth Lugo
Physical Education

P. E. Expectations

Reynolds Middle School provides a dynamic and balanced Healthful Living Education Program that includes cooperative game, fitness, and health education.  We emphasize physical fitness and lifetime involvement.  Our program is not limited to the field and gym.  Students are also educated on many important issues during Health units in the classroom.  

It has been our experience that, 
with your help, we can make a difference in the activity level of your child.  Remember, “an active child is a healthier, happier child” and “an active child makes an active adult”.   Thanks for joining us in making the difference in your child’s life now for the future!

Dressing Out- All students are given the opportunity to dress out for P.E. class, and encouraged to do so. We believe that dressing out promotes active and safe participation and aids healthy personal hygiene.  Students will need tennis shoes (no flip-flops or boots).  


Be Safe!

Be Active!

Have Fun!

All students are graded on a 10 point scale on the following Essential Standards  criteria:

  • Motor Skills 

  • Movement Concepts

  • Health Related Fitness

  • Personal and Social Responsibility

Each student will  take four weeks of Health Education per semester, which will account for 20% of the student's semester grade.


  1. Be Ready.

  2. Be Respectful.

  3. Be Responsible.

* All School Rules Apply in the Gym!
* Food, drinks, and gum are not allowed in the gym. 


  1. Students are expected to be in the assigned gym spots or health room when the bell rings. 

  2. Students are expected to change back into their normal attire at the end of class.

  3. PE activities will only be adjusted according to the teacher's discretion or a by a parent/doctor note.                                                                                                  

Valuables should not be brought to the gym!  This includes cell phones, ipods, or other electronics. Please leave valuables at home or locked in your homeroom locker.  If locker room lockers are used, we strongly recommend that students bring a lock to secure their belongings!  The school/PE teachers cannot be responsible for lost or stolen valuables.

Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or concerns.  Thank you for your support!