Careers in Nursing

The employment rate for nurses is growing twice as fast as the national average of all occupations, and this growth means that many students in Asheville are likely to study the field. They’ll comprise our next generation of registered nurses and provide care to our communities across generations. One critical component to the success of these medical professionals is the quality and quantity of educational resources they have access to.

To support our future nurses in this respect, we at have developed a series of open-use guides designed to provide advice and answers to students considering a career in the field and professionals interested in furthering their education. In particular, this suite covers important considerations for those researching an MSN degree, diving into topics such as program requirements, career possibilities, course considerations, and more that students need to know about studying and working in the profession. It’s our hope to prepare as many students as we can with this educational information.  You can take a look at some of our guides linked below.
Master’s of Science in Nursing: What You Need To Know

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