Math I

In my class you will need a 2 inch binder.  In the binder you will need a pencil pouch where you can keep pencils and your calculator (and a highlighter if you like using one in math).  You will also need 2 dividers in this binder.  One labeled Classwork and one labeled Assessments.  You should also be able to keep your spiral notebook, loose regular paper, and loose graph paper in this binder.  My students will need to purchase a graphing calculator.  While this seems to be a huge investment, you should not need to purchase another calculator in your academic career!   I would NOT purchase a TI-83, but it is okay to use one if your family already owns one.  

Here are four choices:
             TI-83 Plus                                      TI-84 PLUS                           TI-84 PLUS SILVER EDITION
                                                                     TI-nSpire CX (NOT THE CAS!!!)
There isn't a ton of difference in any of them . . . but memory and games (and price).  Students are NOT allowed to have a TInSpire least they won't be able to use them on their Math I EOC.  They all take batteries, so be sure to purchase those as well.  
If you are looking for more info for Math I, Mr. Hylemon and I have several links from the 8th grade page.  You can get there by going to our home page--->Academics--->8th grade.  
This class will be challenging, and I look forward to working with you to keep your child on track!  Please email me with any questions. 
Last Modified on July 15, 2014