Favorite Web Site

BBC: Egyptians


RnR Geography 8

RnR Geography 7

RnR Geography 6

RnR Geography 5

RnR Geography 4

RnR Geography 3

RnR Geography 2

RnR Geography 1

Gandhi Bio


ESL Translate.Google

ESL Matching / Concentration

Early Hinduism

Ancient Egypt -- Life

Ancient India (Geography_

British Museum Interactive Travel Through Ancient Egypt

Education by grade level (parents and teacher resource)

Fact Monster

Free Rice

Free Rice is wonderful vocabulary, grammar and social studies practice website -- a student favorite


Geography: Ancient India

Grammar Girl

Indus Valley (BBC)

Interact tour through the Indus Valley in ancient times.

Mr. Donn

This is a wonderful resource for social studies topics, power points, and clip art

NC Wise Owl

Website has multiple academic areas for research, practice and games --- sponsored by the NC DPI

Social Studies for Kids

Spelling City

Spell City is a great review and practice site for spelling and SAT words.

World History and Geography

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