Computer Lab B12 Policies & Procedures Contract

Computer Lab B12
Policies & Procedures Contract

Mrs. Brenda Luther, CTE Business Teacher 


Welcome to a new and exciting semester! Students in this course will be learning career-ready skills, which will be tested at the end of the course. These skills consist of both hard and soft skills, such as how to communicate and make a good impression on a possible future employer. We have a lot of information to cover and if we utilize our class time wisely, there will be minimal homework unless it is to prepare for an upcoming test!


Responsible Use of Technology (3225/4312/7320)

SUPPLIES NEEDED:  Pencil/Pen each day!  

Flash/Jump/Thumb Drive - at least 2GB or larger, price varies 

(optional, but very helpful!)

flash drive


The following items would be appreciated greatly due to budget cuts but are by no means required: Cleaning wipes such as Clorox wipes, Pencils, Box of Tissues, and Personal Hand Sanitizer.


The first few minutes of class, you will login IAM, Canvas, Google, Google Classroom. In order to be successful on individual assignments/projects, I EXPECT your attention during demonstrations and notes.  It is important for you to be in your seat and logged in on the computer BEFORE the tardy bell rings. Our school-wide policy for all students is to be Ready, Responsible and Respectfully. 


  • Abide by ALL school rules (see student handbook)
  • No food, drink, or gum in the classroom.
  • Telephones and Cell Phones and Wi-Fi devices (see student handbook)
  • Stay in assigned workstation/seat, unless given permission otherwise.  
  • Do NOT line up at the door to leave. 
  • Come to class prepared!  
  • Show Respect!
  • Be on time. This means to be in your seat when the tardy bell rings!  
  • Every 3 Tardies = 1 absence  (Refer to the handbook for tardy policy!)
  • ABSOLUTELY no food or drink in the computer lab.
  • Cell phones are NEVER to be out during class unless the student has asked permission or has earned free time for finishing the assignment completely and correctly.
  • (Parents if you need to contact your child, please leave them a voicemail on their cell phone or go through the school office.)

  • 1st offense—I will keep for the class period.  
  • 2nd offense—give to the office and the student may pick up the device at the end of the school day and
  • 3rd offense—turn in the device to administration & referral.
  • You may NOT use the phone in the classroom unless permission is obtained first.  This is used by the teacher to contact the office and to make contacts with parents.
  • CHEATING will NOT be tolerated.  All parties involved with receive a zero on the assignment, a phone call home and office referral if the behavior continues.

Internet Related Issues:

A.  ABSOLUTELY NO music online or downloading unless it pertains to the class objective. Failure to comply with this rule will result in an automatic office referral.

B.  E-mail must be school related—NO personal e-mail.

C.  No chat lines or online journal sites.


Everything counts 100%.  I do not assign BUSY WORK.  Grades will consist of  “class work” and “projects”.  Classwork will consist of the following: assignments in Google Classroom, computer projects, and possibly worksheets, etc. There is no reason for a student NOT to be successful on reviews and tests. I also have a wonderful review/ test website: Tests that the students have practiced and reviewed in class will consist of the same Quizlet questions that we have covered in class. Students will be required to retake any failing grade during the semester

 may access the website on any computer that has Internet access and review.  If you do not have access to a computer/ Internet, please see me and I will provide you a “hard copy” study guide.  If you fail a test, please see me and we will review and retest. A minimum of 2 days for each day absent is the standard for “make-up” work.  Any unfinished assignment will be a grade of "F." Make-up work will have to be completed outside the regular class period, or after all assigned class work is complete.  

A great typing program available online:


Midterm reports will be distributed midway through each grading period.  
Interim reports are to be taken home and signed by the parent/guardian.  

Students are accountable for obtaining assignments missed while absent and for making up in-class Quizlets or exams before or after school.  To receive credit, missed assignments and tests must be made up within three school days of a students’ return from an absence.  It is up to the individual student to ensure that they have met or otherwise satisfied the attendance requirement. 


I have a planning period in my room from 8:00 - 9:00 am daily. However, teachers have many morning duties so if I am needed before or after school please feel free to contact me by email or contact me by phone at 828-298-7484 and I will make sure to be present in my classroom for additional assistance.


(A)  Stay in the assigned seat unless given permission otherwise.
(B)  Raise your hand to ask or answer a question, do not interrupt. Let me know if you are having difficulty with the material.  I expect your attention during notes, lectures, and demonstrations; remain seated when the teacher is speaking – unless it’s an emergency!  
(C)  Use your time between classes or lunch to take care of personal matters, such as restroom privileges, getting materials from the locker, or visiting with another teacher.

RESPECT:  Inappropriate behaviors and language will not be tolerated.  Respect your teacher, classmates and yourself!  Practice being a good citizen every day! There should be no horseplay in the classroom, always be respectful of everyone around you, and keep your work area and the classroom clean. 


(A) Be on time. Tardies = a phone call home for excessive tardiness! Refer to "Student Handbook" for Tardy Policy.  

(B) Bring all materials to class. 

HONESTY:  CHEATING will NOT be tolerated.  All parties involved will receive a zero on the assignment and a phone call home. Administrative referral if the behavior continues.


  1. No food, drinks, candy or gum are allowed AT computers.  
  2. No talking during lecture time or school announcements.
  3. No personal electronics or cell phones in sight. 


  1. Taken for class,
  2. Taken for the remainder of the school day with a phone call home,
  3. Taken to administration.
  4. There will be no profanity or any language that I find offensive permitted in my classroom.


1. Warning

2. Reprimand

3. Phone call home

4. A phone call home and 15-minute lunch detention

5. Administrative Referral

*NOTE:  Any severe behavioral problems are subject to an automatic office referral!

I have read and understood the course rules and expectations covered in this course syllabus.

Student Printed Name: ___________________________________________ Date:  ___________

If you would like to have correspondence by email regarding how your child is doing in class or regarding attendance, please send me an email ASAP and I will add you to my address book. Email is a great way to communicate!  Please include your name and your child's name in the email.  
Thank you!  

Student Signature:  ___________________________________________ Date:  ___________


Parent Signature:  _______________________________________________Date:  ___________


Parent Email for Contact (please print legibly)

Nondiscriminatory Policy:

In compliance with Federal Law, Buncombe County Schools administers all education programs including its Career and Technical Education Programs, employment, activities and admissions without discrimination against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, age or disability.