Luther, Brenda (Business/ Careers 6,7,8)

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 Mrs. Luther

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Mrs. Luther has been teaching at A. C. Reynolds Middle School since 2006. She loves teaching Exploring Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship to 8th grade, Exploring Careers & Employment to 7th grade and Exploring Personal Characteristics & Careers to 6th grade using the NCCTE curriculum. She is a Western Carolina University Alumni, an Asheville - Buncombe Technical Community College Alumni, a wife of 30+ yrs., a mother of two sons, and a grandmother of two grandsons. We look forward to working with you, as a proud member of the Rocket family!


Dear Parents and Students,  

     I am happy to announce that my Luther Class Canvas is up and running! Parents may monitor their child's progress within the course by simply emailing me your request to:
      Then, I will add you with your child to my course.          


    1. Open Chrome Internet Browser.  Chrome Logo 
    2. Log-in to RapidIdentity (     IAM 
    3. Next, click on the Canvas icon.      Canvas 
  1. The assignments are inside "Modules" to the left. They are also numbered so you can better keep up with each assignment to be uploaded and submitted within the Canvas course.  


Canvas works very similar to Google Classroom. You might ask...What about Google Classroom? Since Google Drive, Google Classroom and Canvas are all linked, we will continue to upload your Google Slide or Google Doc into Canvas and Google Classroom. This serves as double assurance that you will receive total credit for your assignment submissions. 


We will also use within Canvas and Google Classroom, or log-in with your student Google email, to learn and test our class vocabulary. You will have up to 3 tries to obtain your highest possible score, before submitting your score. Using Canvas will also allow me to provide more immediate feedback about your progress in my class directly into Power School. Therefore, if you need to make any corrections, you will know more immediately, and you may resubmit any corrections for a better grade. See you in class.  

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Mrs. Luther's Schedule:
 7:10 - 7:35  Gym (alternating weeks w/ Nichols)
 7:45 - 8:00   PBIS check-in w/ 7th
 8:00 - 9:00   ***Planning
 9:00 - 9:42   Expl. Bus. & Entrepreneurship
 9:44 - 10:25   Expl. Bus. & Entrepreneurship
 10:25 - 10:40   ***Planning
 10:40 - 11:22   6A - Expl Personal Characteristics & Careers  
 11:24 - 12:30  6B - Expl Personal Characteristics & Careers
 12:30 - 1:10  STAR TIME 
  1:10 - 1:40  PBIS
  1:40 - 2:20  7A - Expl. Careers & Employment
  2:22 - 3:02  7B - Expl. Careers & Employment
  3:02 - 3:05  
* Car Rider Duty in classroom