Kahn, Sara (ELA - 8)


Sara Kahn

Hello ACRMS students, family, and friends! As an 8th grade English language arts teacher, it is my goal to relay the joy of reading and writing literature. The aim of ELA class is to give students the opportunity to learn more about how language, writing, and reading are essential elements in life-long learning and communication. This class will have students examining a variety of literature and writing, and will work to enable learners to appreciate more fully the complexities of the written word.

For more information about this class, please see the class syllabus HERE.

REMOTE LEARNING: Students should access class material through Google Classroom. If there are any issues accessing Google Classroom, please email me at sara.kahn@bcsemail.org or call me via Google Voice at (312) 834-7125.

OFFICE HOURS: I will be available for student questions and additional support from 2:00pm-3:00pm Monday-Friday. Please know, I check email and voicemail as often as possible, and may also be available to assist outside of these hours.