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For a complete overview click here:  Marketing Honors

Individual Assignments and due dates are:

Product Service Mgt  due Friday, February 12th by 7pm
Pepsi Next Case Study   due Friday, February 19th in class. 
Trends Paper  due Friday, February 26th in class
The following assignments are due Friday, March 4th in class:
MIM Assn 2  due Friday, March 11th in class.
Audi Case Study  due Friday, March 18th in class.  Read the article, then write a 1-2 page summary paper.  Be sure to use the APA style for your paper and your reference(s).
Santa's Supply Chain   due Thursday, March 21st in class.  What is the magic secret behind Santa's channel management?  Read the article, then draw and label his supply chain using a map of the world. 
Pricing Honors Assignment due Monday, April 11th in class.  Please read and follow all directions.
Selling Honors Assignment  presentations will be given Friday, 13th in class.  Please read and follow all directions.