Carter, Amanda (Science - 7)

Welcome to Ms. Carter's Page!  

Ms. Carter has worked for 16 years as a middle school science teacher in Western North Carolina and is excited for her second year at ACRMS. Ms .Carter loves seventh graders and all the wonderful content to be learned in seventh grade science.  Students will experiment, design, read, write, discuss, and work collaboratively and independently throughout the year. 
Ms. Carter hopes to inspire students in her class to be kind to one another and the earth, to observe and ask questions about the world around them, and to work toward their personal big dreams for their lives.  

The seventh grade curriculum is as follows:
1. Atmosphere and Weather
2. Physics: Motion, Energy, and Forces
3. Microbiology: Cells, Protists, and Genetics
4. Human Body Systems

Homework is assigned once per week, and is due on Fridays.

Grading: Tests/Quizzes: 50% - Class work and projects: 40% - Homework: 10%

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Assignments that can be accessed online can be found on Google Classroom as well as announcements, reminders, and helpful links.