Telephones / Cell Phones

Students are allowed to use the office phone or teacher classroom phones only in case of emergency or sickness.  Students and parents need to make transportation arrangements and/or afternoon plans prior to arriving at school.  Students must have a hall pass and/or permission from their teacher in order to use any phone in the school.

Cell phones are permitted in school and are to be stored in the student's locker.  We have had numerous problems with cell phone use and text messaging in class.  Cell phone use is not allowed during the school day.  Phones must be turned off (and not on vibrate) throughout the school day.  In case of an emergency, the student will be permitted to make a phone call in the front office.   Cell phone use is allowed after 3:00.  Inappropriate use of cell phones during school hours may result in the phone being confiscated.

Buncombe County School Board Policy # 490 states the following in regards to the possession of personal communications devices (PCD):

Prohibited Use:  Instructional Classroom Time - Students may not possess or use a PCD during any classroom time or when teachers specifically prohibit their use.  Students may not possess or use a PCD when prohibited to do so by the school principal.

Allowed Use:  Student may possess and use a PCD before and after school hours.  Students may possess and use a PCD while participating in extra-curricular activities, especially to keep parents informed about times to pick up students at school.

Storage:  It will be the responsibility of the student to safeguard and store PCDs during school hours.  Lockers or personal vehicles are preferred.  The school is not responsible for the safe keeping or security of PCDs.  Students will use such devices at their own risk.  Improper use of PCDs will result in the loss of privilege or disciplinary measures or both.