COVID-19 and Band

In order to get musicians (not just student musicians) all over the world back to work, a number of groups commissioned the International Performing Arts Aerosol Study. All of the information linked below is from the preliminary release of information from this study and is designed to make performing as safe as possible.

The following document links to the Buncombe County School System's current guidelines for band programs while students are IN SCHOOL. These protocols are not required when students are practicing at home. This document will be updated as new information is released throughout the semester: BCS Band Guidelines.pdf

The following flyer will be posted in music and arts rooms. It mostly echoes the information linked above: Safe Arts Ed.png

Finally, if you have a science brain and are feeling especially nerdy, here is a link to the actual study with much more detailed information on the process and findings: Preliminary Aerosol Study.pdf

We are expecting the findings from the next stage of the study to be released on or around 8/20/20. Once this update is made, I will update this page and send specific information home on what extra material might be required in order to participate in band when we are in the school building.