Virtual Days

Virtual Learning for AIG Students

AIG students have been using Canvas to access class resources all year.  I expect them to use Canvas during their virtual days as well.

I will be posting instructional videos for each grade level.  Assignments will be posted on Wednesday mornings by 9:00.  AIG students have been having enrichment classes on either Wednesday or Thursday for 45 minutes.  I will be assigning about that much work each week. 

My office hours will be from 9-11 and 12-2, Monday-Friday.

 I am available via email.  I am also happy to set up Zoom sessions to video-conference with individuals or groups of students as needed.  I may set up sessions that are open to all students in a grade-level (but that are optional) if that seems to be a need.

I am also available to help students create schedules or calendars for themselves or to help with assignments in other classes.  I will be posting resources on Canvas for students who are feeling anxious or stressed out.  These resources are available for all who need them and are not mandatory assignments.

I will also try to post something on the class Instagram everyday we are out, just to try to keep that connection going and to try to provide some humor to all of our lives.  Follow @msaltmansclass on both Instagram and Twitter (Instagram is private so request to follow and make sure to send me a message to let me know who you are if your Instagram handle doesn't make who you are obvious or if you are a parent.)

Links to Online Enrichment Opportunities

KenKen Daily Puzzles (Levels 3-9)

Suduko Daily Puzzle

Daily Puzzles and Games

Alex Bello’s Monday Puzzle

Daily SET puzzle

Education World - A Puzzle A Day

National Security Agency Center’s Puzzle Periodical

BrainBashers Skyscrapers Daily Puzzle

Logic Puzzles (these are perplexers that you can do online without printing)