BCS Policy #531 - Tobacco

Buncombe County School Board Policy #531

Smoking and Tobacco Products


The Buncombe County Board of Education recognizes that the use of tobacco products is a health, safety, and environmental hazard for students, employees and visitors.   The Board believes that the use of tobacco products on school grounds, in school buildings and facilities, on school property or at school-related or school sponsored events is detrimental to the health and safety of students, staff and visitors.  The Board acknowledges that adult employees and visitors serve as role models for students.  The Board recognizes that it has an obligation to promote positive role models in school and promote a healthy learning and working environment, free from unwanted smoke and tobacco use for the students, employees, and visitors on the school campus.  Finally, the Board recognizes that it has a legal authority and obligation pursuant to G.S. 115C-47 (#18) Policy Prohibiting Tobacco Use in School Buildings as well as the federal Pro-Children’s Act, Title X of Public Law 103-227 and the No Child Left Behind Act,


The use of tobacco products on or in any school property, or at any school sponsored activity or event (regardless of the location) is prohibited.


The policy will be enforced as follows:


    Enforcement for Students

      Consequences for students engaging in the prohibited behavior will be provided in accordance with the school’s student behavior management plan. Students who violate the school district’s tobacco use policy may also be referred to the guidance counselor, a school nurse, or other health or counseling services for all offenses for health information, counseling and referral.

    Enforcement for Employees

      Consequences for employees who violate the tobacco use policy will in accordance with administrative regulations to be developed by the Superintendent

    Enforcement for Visitors

      Visitors using tobacco will be asked to refrain while on school property or leave the premises. If they refuse, law enforcement officers will be contacted to escort the person off the premises or cite the person for trespassing in case the person refuses to leave the school property.