In order for a student to be a member of an athletic team, he/she must meet the following requirements:

  • A student may not participate if he/she turns fifteen (15) years of age on or before October 16th of the current school year.
  • A student may miss no more than 7 days per semester to maintain eligibility for sports.
  • A student who fails two or more classes in the fall semester is ineligible for spring semester.  A student who is promoted (not placed) at the end of the school year to the next grade automatically meets the academic requirement for the fall semester of the school year.
  • No student may participate in any middle school sport for more than two seasons.
  • Athletes, including cheerleaders, are required to maintain academic eligibility as defined above each semester and meet the attendance requirement as stated above each semester.  All sports have the same eligibility requirements.


                Student athletes who make the team after tryouts must purchase school athletic insurance for each sport they play.  The approximate cost of insurance is $5.25.  In addition, there will be a one-time transportation fee of $20 that will cover the entire school year.  These fees must be paid before the first contest.


                The available sports in the 2008-2009 school year include Baseball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Cheerleading, Co-Ed Cross Country, Football, Co-Ed Golf, Boys and Girls Soccer, Softball, Co-Ed Tennis, Boys and Girls Track, Volleyball and Wrestling.  ACRMS is a member of the French Broad Middle School Athletic Conference.  This conference includes the following middle schools: Reynolds, Brevard, Cane Creek, Enka, Erwin, Madison, North Buncombe, Owen, and Valley Springs.  Our teams normally compete in the sports listed above depending upon the availability of coaches.

                The opportunity to be a member of all of these teams is open to all students in grades seven and eight.  By North Carolina Athletic Policy, sixth graders are not eligible to participate in interscholastic sports.  Sixth grade students who would like to be involved in ACRMS athletics might want to speak to a coach concerning the possibility of becoming a manager of a team.

                Our coaches will conduct tryouts in each sport at the beginning of each season.  (Students who try out and do not make one of our teams are encouraged to participate in outside sports activities to continue to develop athletic skills.)  Students need to understand that continued hard work and participation may make them even better players than some of those who do make the team.  Students, who make the choice to quit an athletic team, are not eligible to participate in athletics the remainder of that athletic season.


                The North Carolina State Board of Education requires each athlete and cheerleader to have a physical examination by a doctor before he/she will be allowed to participate in tryouts.  The physical examination is only valid for 365 days from the date of the physical. 


                All student-athletes are reminded that they represent ACRMS.  Therefore, each student athlete's actions both in and out of school must reflect positively on our total school community or the participant will not represent our school in any of these activities.  While at school, our student-athletes are expected to set positive examples for the rest of the student body.  All student-athletes are expected to follow the school rules at all times.  Athletes must demonstrate respect for fellow teammates, coaches, game officials, and opponents.  Inappropriate behavior and language will not be tolerated.  Students may be suspended from teams for unsportsmanlike or inappropriate behavior.  Coaches will put forth a behavior contract for every athlete at the start of the season.  Student athletes will know what is expected of them and will be aware of consequences from inappropriate behaviors. 


                Appropriate behavior is key to representing Reynolds athletics.  Inappropriate behaviors inside or outside of school could cause an athlete or cheerleader to be removed from an athletic team. Students suspended out-of-school for any length of time days will automatically be removed from an athletic team for the remainder of that season (the seasons being fall, winter, and spring sports).  Students removed from an athletic team will not be allowed to participate in any other team sport for the remainder of that sporting season. 

                Participation in practice or games by athletes serving in-school suspension will be governed by the guidelines established by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and Buncombe County School Board Policy.  When a student receives two assignments of ISS during a sports season, that student is suspended for one contest, and goes in front of the Athletic Discipline Committee.  The Committee meets with all affected parties, and makes a recommendation to the principal to determine continued eligibility. 

                The head coach of each team will still retain the authority to dismiss athletes from the team for their behavior in or out of school should they deem it appropriate given the athlete's offense.


                Athletics packets must be completed in their entirety before a student is allowed to participate in any sport, including the tryouts for that sport.  A copy of the policy concerning alcohol and other drugs must be signed and on file before a student is allowed to participate. Athletic packets are available in the front office, or on-line under the athletics option on our website.