Activities - Curricular and Extracurricular

Participation in our athletics, clubs, and other school activities will add richness to the school life of students. Students will have the opportunity to interact with teachers, coaches, and fellow students in a cooperative, team effort. Students who are involved in co-curricular activities report that they enjoy school more and tend to be more successful in their careers later in life because of the special skills they learned through teamwork and shared goals.


Battle of the Books
Dance Team
Field Trips
History Day
Honor Society
Math Counts
Media Assistants
Odyssey of the Mind
Peer Mediation
Peer Tutoring
Photography Club
RAK Club
Science Olypiad
Student Counsel
Teacher Assistants


All of these activities may or may not be available and there may be some activities available that are not listed here. As we receive new teachers and sponsors, there may be other clubs/ activities available to students. At the same time, athletics and activities are only available if we have sponsors for these athletics and activities.

If a student is involved in these activities, he/she will be told in advance by the teacher/ sponsor exactly what time the student needs to be picked up by a parent. Our teachers receive little or no payment for supporting or coaching these activities. They, like many parents, will have already worked at least an eight-hour day and also have their own family responsibilities to take care of when they get home. It is unfair for teachers to have to wait beyond the ending time. If a student is picked up more than 30 minutes after a dance or activity, he/she will not be allowed to attend the next activity of that type.


During the school year, we will have assemblies of both an educational and entertaining nature to provide our students with the opportunity to develop appropriate behavior during a theater experience. Expectations for assemblies will be shared with students prior to the beginning of each program. In general, students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the way they would like to be treated if they were on the stage. There is never an excuse for rudeness towards other people.


Dances will be held throughout the school year. Most dances will be from 3:00 - 5:00.

All school-wide dances are open to all students who attend ACRMS if they were in attendance for a full day on the day of the dance, all financial obligations owed to the school are in order, AND behavioral expectations have been met. Below are the expectations, which apply to all students attending dances:


Dances are for ACRMS students only. Students are not allowed to bring friends, relatives, or high school students.

Students will be called by grade level to leave classrooms to attend the dance. Students should line up single file beginning at the double doors leading to the gym.

Students are to have parents here at the appropriate time to take them home. Parents and students are reminded that teachers acting as chaperones are not paid to act as chaperones. They do this simply as a service to our students.

Students remaining on campus after 5:30 p.m. following a dance will not be allowed to attend the next dance.

The ACRMS Code of Conduct/Discipline Plan is to be followed by all ACRMS students attending a dance. This includes inappropriate displays of affection, use of illegal drugs, alcohol, and/or tobacco products. Any behavioral infractions will be dealt with according to the Administrative Discipline Plan.


Each Grade Level and/or Grade Level Team has a policy for student attendance on field trips. These field trip policies will be made available to students and parents at the beginning of the school year. Before any field trip, the school will send out specific trip information and parental consent forms. For students to attend, the parental consent forms and any costs of the trip must be submitted by the set deadline.


Students are encouraged to make maximum use of our school's media center because it contains a wealth of resources in addition to a well - rounded collection of books.


Our yearbook staff works hard each year to publish our yearbook. This publication contains individual pictures of students, clubs, teams, and candid shots. Students place their orders for the yearbook by paying an advertised amount before the book is even published. This pre-sale tells the yearbook staff exactly how many copies they need to have printed. Very few extras are ordered. It is important that students place their orders in the fall for their individual copy of the yearbook. The yearbook is distributed in late spring.