Honor Society

Honor Society Induction 

Dear ACRMS Student,

The A. C. Reynolds Middle School Honor Society is always looking for students with:

    • * high academic achievement

  • * strong character

  • * the desire to serve others

Students who wish to join the Honor Society must have a 3.5 GPA (more A’s than B’s), with no grade lower than a B, when looking at First Semester Averages.  Students must also demonstrate positive character traits and complete  community service (12 hours for 7th and 8th graders, 6 hours for 6th graders) before the end of the first semester.   You can start earning your service hours immediately and continue working to earn hours all through the first semester.   Be creative in finding ways to serve others – we are flexible and really just want you to work for others and put yourself second.  As long as you can have it documented and signed for, anything you do between June and January can count towards your  required hours.  However, please remember that you may not be compensated in any way for the hours worked.  A Service Hour Documentation Form can be obtained in the office and more copies will be available as needed.

We will check grades and discipline data for any student who turns in a Service Hour Documentation Form.  Students who meet all 3 requirements will be invited to join the Honor Society or continue as a member of the Honor Society if they have already joined. An Induction and Recognition Ceremony will be held sometime in February or March.

Possible Service Activities – if you need some ideas:

    • * We will offer a few school-sponsored service projects during first semester

  • * Work in the yard or around the house of a neighbor or friend (not your own) mowing the grass, raking, pulling weeds, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, washing windows, washing cars, etc…

  • * Volunteer at a synagogue/church/ house of worship in the nursery or child care center during events or services

  • * Help collect donations for Eblen Charities during our school-sponsored fundraiser

  • * Help collect food for MANNA, ABCCM, Hearts with Hands, or other organization

  • * Stay after a home sporting event and help clean up – sign up with Mrs. Garland

  • *Help clean up the ACRMS campus by landscaping, pulling weeds, raking leaves, picking up trash, etc… – sign up with Mrs. Garland when opportunities are advertised.

  • * Contact a local charity or religious organization and ask how you could serve there

ABCCM South 684-3872 Hearts with Hands  667-1912

American Red Cross 258-3888 MANNA 299-3663

Eblen Foundation  255-3066 Salvation Army  253-4723

Food for Fairview  628-4322 Santa Pal  258-3230

Asheville Jewish Com. Ctr. 253-0701 WNC Rescue Mission  254-1529

We will have several special activities during the year, open only to Honor Society members.   If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Honor Society Sponsor, Mrs. Janice Garland – janice.garland@bcsemail.org