2018 Golf  Schedule:


DATE                                                              LOCATION                                                    TIME


Wednesday, March 21st                          ACRMS @ Black Mountain 4:30


Tuesday, March 27th                                  ACRMS @ Crown Plaza 4:30


Monday, April 9th                                       ACRMS ** @ Muni 4:30


Tuesday, April 10th                                     ACRMS @ Reems Creek 4:30


Tuesday, April 17th                                    ACRMS @ High Vista 4:30


Monday, April 23rd                                     ACRMS @ Black Mountain 4:30


Tournament -


Monday, April 30th                                     ACRMS @ Muni 4:30

Wednesday, May 2nd                                 ACRMS @ Broadmoor 4:30  

 The first team listed is the hosting team.  (** Game)
You are responsible for drinks and snacks for all players. 


 Five(5) players from each school will play at each match.  This will vary from match to match. It is required that our players wear a collared shirt and khaki type pants or bermuda length shorts.  No Cutoffs or Jeans!