Girls' Soccer



DATE                                      LOCATION                                        TIME


Wednesday, March 6              Reynolds At Owen                         4:00

Thursday, March 7             Reynolds At Asheville                    4:00

Wednesday, March 13     Reynolds At Erwin                          4:30

Thursday, March 14         Cane Creek At Reynolds             4:30

Monday, March 18           Owen At Reynolds                        4:30

Thursday, March 21          Reynolds At Valley Springs          4:30

Monday, March 25           North Buncombe At Reynolds  4:30

Wednesday, March 27     Reynolds At Enka                           4:30

Monday, April 1                 Asheville At Reynolds                  4:30  

Wednesday, April 3          Erwin at Reynolds                         4:30

Monday, April 8                  Reynolds At Cane Creek               4:30

Wednesday, April 24       Valley Springs At Reynolds        4:30

Monday, April 29               Reynolds At North Buncombe    4:30

Wednesday, May 1           Enka At Reynolds                          4:30


Tournament Dates: May 9, May 13, and May 15

______________________________________________________________________ Dear Parents or Guardians,

I am Coach Neuhauser. Coach Murillo and I are very excited that your daughter is interested in playing soccer for Reynolds Middle. Tryouts will be held in February. Athletes are expected to be ready for practice by 3:45 every afternoon, this includes having already ate snack. Athletes will need to have their cleats and shin guards everyday for practice and for games.

Before your athlete can try out, you must have a doctor’s physical on file at the school, have signed up for FamilyID, and have a signed consent to treat form. If athletes do not have these things by try outs they cannot try out. Sixth grade managers must also try out and must have the required paperwork turned in to participate.

There are fees required that need to be paid at the parent’s meeting. The parent’s meeting is mandatory for all athletes including managers. You and the athlete must be present. The fees include: insurance, transportation, socks, and end of the season celebration. The total fee will be $50. If you have played a fall or winter sport, the fee is less. You may pay with cash or check (the check made out to AC Reynolds Middle School). All practices and try outs will end by 5:15 unless otherwise specified. Please be on time to pick up your athlete.

As we get closer to the beginning of the season student athletes should start drinking more water, and exercising three times a week if possible. A healthy diet is suggested, as it will make athletes feel better when they work out. At tryouts, athletes and managers will be chosen based off of their physical and technical ability. We have put together 6 workouts below, including a stretching routine to prevent injuries to athletes. All workouts can be done at home if there is no access to a gym. These workouts are only suggestions for the upcoming season. If girls are already participating in another sport, I would suggest just stretching and warm up routines to help prevent injuries. DO NOT OVERWORK.

We look forward to seeing you and your athlete this spring!

Here is a required link to gather parent information so I can contact you throughout the season with important information.

Thank you,

Sarah Neuhauser and Erik Murillo

Coach contact:

Warm up:

High knees (20 yards)

Butt kicks (20 yards)

Crossovers (10 yards left then right on the way back)

Backwards skips (10 yards)

Cheerleader kicks (10 yards)

Karyoke (10 yards each side)

Open the gate (10 yards)

Close the gate (10 yards)

Static stretches:

Hamstring stretch (30 seconds each leg)

Calf stretch (30 seconds each leg)

Side lunge (20 seconds each side)

Quad stretch (30 seconds each leg)

Strength workout:

Make sure to warm up and get a good stretch beforehand. Always remember to drink water and stop if you feel like you are hurting yourself. Push as hard as your ability allows. DO NOT OVERWORK

Workout #1:workout number 1 is a short circuit for a day that you are pressed for time and need to workout quick. Modify the workout as it works for you. The circuit, if done right, will strengthen the muscles you need to play soccer

Start with a warm up

Light jog for ½ of a mile

Circuit: 8 push ups

8 squats

8 v-sits

5 Rocket jumps (jump and land in a squat)

8 dips (sit on a stable surface with legs out and hands supporting. Then lift butt off and dip until arms are close to 90 degrees bring back up and repeat)

8 L-overs (lying on ground with arms out to the side hands faced down, bring legs as straight as possible to a 90 degree angle with your body, and let them fall to the left side (or right side) before feet hit the ground bring back to center)

5 burpees

Repeat two more times. This is a short workout day.

Workout#2:skill and fitness

Warm up: dynamic

Jog ¼ of a mile

High knees for 10 yards

Butt kicks for 10 yards

Open the gate for 10 yards

Close the gate for 10 yards

Frankenstein/cheerleader kicks for 10 yards

Donkey kicks for 10 yards

Squat and move right leg first for 10 yards

Squat and move left leg first for 10 yards

Skip for 10 yards

Run backwards for 10 yards

Jog 10 yards

Sprint 10 yards

Stretch what you need.

Ball Touches Circuit:

30 seconds in between your feet (keeping the ball right between your feet try not to move forward when working on this)

30 seconds top touches of the ball (soft touches on top of the ball with the balls of your feet. Make sure to get knees up so you don’t accidentally kick the ball)

20 yards of ball rolls (left foot and right foot)

30 seconds of ball jumps

Rest for 1 minute and repeat 2 more times

Wall Pass:

Find a buddy or a nice brick wall. Pass the ball at an angle (making your partner run to the right or the left or hitting the wall at an angle), if on a wall the wall will hit the ball right back and you will need to receive and pass it back to the wall at an angle again. If passing with a partner try to pass directly back to the person who passed it. One partner is being challenged by having to receive the ball and pass directly back while the other partner should be mostly stationary. Start with two touches (a trap and then a pass) for 20 good passes. Then switch to one touch passes (just passing straight back) for 10 good passes.

Classic Dribbling.

Set up some cones and dribble in between. On the way back ditch the ball and sprint back to the beginning. Do this for at least 10 times focusing on control (speed will come later). For more of a challenge place the cones closer to each other.

To Finish:

10 lunges on each leg (repeat 3 times)

10 squats (repeat 3 times) Stretch afterwards to cool down :)

Workout #3-Core Work

Repeat the warm up from workout #1

Fitness- speed

In between each exercise set, athletes need to sprint/run ¼ of a mile (400 meters or one lap around a track)


  1. V-sits (2 sets of 8), Back Hypers (2 sets of 10), Side leg ups (1 set of 10)
  2. Hip lifts (2 sets of 8 or 10), Crunches (2 sets of 15), Bicycle kicks (2 sets of 15)
  3. Heel touches (2 sets of 8 or 10), body twists (2 sets of 8)
  4. Flutter kicks (2 sets of 10), Plank (2 sets of 30 seconds)

Run one last lap and take a break.

Cool down: Slow job ½ mile and stretch what is need at the end.

Workout #4- Skill work

Always stretch before you play :)


Start 30 seconds of touches in between the sides of your feet (rest for 15 seconds in between and repeat 5 times)

Set two cones 10 yards apart. Starting at one cone, squat and move laterally to the next cone. Stopping there and coming back to the starting cone with the same squat and movement. (that is one cycle. Repeat 5 times)

Same two cones. Take a ball and using only the outside of your right foot travel to the other cone. On the way back use only the outside of your left foot (repeat 4 times).

Same two cones. Sprint dribble to the other cone. Walk back (repeat 4 times)


Juggle with your thighs only (work until you can get 20 consecutive juggles, that means without the ball falling)

Juggle with your feet only (try to get to 15 consecutive juggles)

Juggle using both (try to get to 20 consecutive)


Whether you plan on being a striker or a defender it is always helpful to have one special move. Practice your choice special move for 10 minutes.

Workout #5- Active rest

It is always important to practice exercises that will prevent injuries.

Start this workout with a comfortable jog. This will help warm up muscles so that they will stretch better. Spend about 15 minutes jogging (distance does not matter).

Warm up 1

Finish with warm up 2

Workout #6- Agility

Side line workout

Stand beside the sideline and jump over the line (side-to-to side) for 30 seconds as fast as possible. Take a break and then jump over the line (forward and backwards) for 30 seconds. Take 10 seconds breaks in between. Perform both exercises 5 times.

Ball touches

Toe tap the ball as fast as possible for up to a minute. Rest for 2 minutes before repeated the exercise. Perform exercise 3 times.


Start in a standing position. Next, bend your knees and lower yourself towards the floor. Place your hands on the floor as you slide and straighten out your legs so that you are in a plank position with your toes and hands touching the floor. Maintain a straight spine and do not allow your back to sag down. Then, reverse this and bend your knees back up and standing up again. Repeat.