Cross Country

Head Coach:
Cathy Higgins
Please contact Coach Higgins by
or call the school at 828-298-7484.


Work Outs

8/12, 8/14, 8/15
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Regular Everyday Practice Begins
3:15 PM - 4:45 PM

2019-2020 ACRMS Cross Country Schedule


DATE                                                              LOCATION                                                    TIME


September 10th                                           At Enka                                                          4:30

                                                                                    ACRMS, Erwin, Asheville


September 17th                                           At ACRMS                                                     4:30

                                                                                    Erwin, Enka, Asheville


September 24th                                           At Erwin                                                        4:30

                                                                                    N Buncombe, ACRMS, Enka


October 1st                                                   At ACRMS                                                     4:30

                                                                                    Owen, N Buncombe, Cane Creek


October 8th                                                   At Cane Creek                                             4:30

                                                                                    ACRMS, Asheville, Owen


October 14th                                                Conference Meet TBA                               4:30  


What is Cross Country?
Cross Country is a 2 mile (middle school distance) foot race across a variety of terrain.  
Do I have to be able to run 2 miles to join the team?
No.  You only have to want to be able to run 2 miles.  Getting you to that point is what practice is all about.
What do I have to do to make the team?
Try.  That’s it.  We do not have to make cuts because there is no limit to the number of athletes that can run a race.  So, all I ask is that you do the best you can with the ability you have.
Is practice just running and running and more running?
No.  We do a variety of activities each day that will make you a better all-around athlete.  Strength, agility, endurance, stamina and speed will all improve.
What’s in it for me?
FUN!  You will work hard, but it will be fun.  Sometimes we forget that you can do both.  You will also learn the value of preparation, persistence, dedication, discipline and loyalty.  
Is there anything I should do this summer to get ready?
Stay active.  Preparing to run 2 miles will be easier if you are already active.