ACRMS Cheerleading     


I am so happy that you are interested in cheering for ACRMS next year.  This letter will serve as an overview of the upcoming cheer season but is certainly NOT a comprehensive guide to the rules and regulations. All students interested in cheer will be informed of expectations PRIOR to the first day of try-outs.

If you or your parents have any burning questions or you have friends that are interested in cheering, please feel free to email me!  I will be happy to respond to any questions you may have.  My contact info is located at the bottom of this letter.

I will be choosing 15 team members.  This team will cheer for BOTH football and basketball.  I understand that some students only want to cheer for one season and not another.  This decision will be made case by case based on other sports participation.  Last year we tried to create a new team for basketball season and this was challenging as the time between football and basketball is short.


August 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 26th, and 27th 3:30-5:00 Cheerleading workouts. Meet in the gym.

Dress ready to run and sweat and bring a water bottle.  NO ONE may participate without a current physical on file.  I will be checking the data base every day prior to allowing anyone to participate.  If you do not have a physical on file, feel free to drop that off at the school office during the summer. 

Workouts are not mandatory.  However, we will be using our time wisely and learning cheers, chants, stunts and a half-time dance. During try-outs, participants will be asked to demonstrate these skills.  

August 28th, 29th, and 30th 3:30-5:00 Cheer Tryouts 
Mandatory Participation with no Exceptions all 3 days. 
Potential team members will be asked to perform 2 cheers, 1 chant and a portion of a dance in a small group or individually for the coach and the captain. 

August 30th Final team posted, and regular practices begin.  All regular practices will from 3:30-5.

Sept 3rd will be the beginning of normal practice days. It is extremely important for all cheerleaders to be picked up promptly at 5pm.


Wendy Nevarez  


1) Do I have to attend all summer workouts?

No!  Workouts are optional.  However, you are still responsible for learning all required materials for tryouts. 

2) Do cheerleaders from last year have to try-out?


3) Could cheerleaders from last year be cut from the team?

ABSOLUTELY!  Every year we will be building a new team.

4) Who decides who makes the team?

Coach Nevarez will make all try-out decisions. The goal is a squad of 15.  However, the coach reserves the right to form a smaller squad of more dedicated athletes.

5) Will there be 6th grade managers?

Yes!!! It is important to have students who know the cheer once the older cheerleaders move up to high school. Students who would like to participate in this capacity can come out on August 30th to discuss the responsibilities.

6) How will information be communicated?

Coach Nevarez uses the Remind App. Communication will be frequent and timely. Text 81010 (the Remind app) enter the code as the text: @acrmsche This will add you to the ACRMS Cheerleading communication chain.

7) Will there be captains?

There will be ONE captain who is a former exemplary cheerleader from last year.  A 7th grader will be chosen by Coach Nevarez as an assistant and that student will have most of the secretarial duties.  Provided that the assistant from 7th grade does an awesome job; they will then become the captain the following year. Captains support Coach Nevarez leading the team and as such are chosen by the coach ONLY. Coach Nevarez will reserve the right to demote a captain for disrespect or lack of responsibility.

8) Will the cheer team travel to away games?

The team will travel to all away football games and basketball games. 

9) What happens if I quit the team?  Can I still try-out the next year?

No. If you quit during the year, you will not be allowed to try out again. Do not waste your time trying out if you do not intend to participate for the entire year. However, if you leave the team for family or medical emergencies that is not considered quitting but a leave of absence.

10) What is the cost to cheer?

Students are expected to have a pair of solid white cheerleading tennis shoes and white socks.  Parents are free to purchase any brand. They are expected to pay the standard transportation fee at the beginning of the year. Uniforms and pom poms will be provided and MUST BE RETURNED at the end of the season. Lollies and Cheer undershirts are required under uniforms and purchase by the parent.

Any other items such as warm ups, t-shirts, etc. will be OPTIONAL just like all the other athletic teams. We will get a discounted price sheet together for parents looking to buy the additional items.

11) Will students be provided with food before, during or after games?

Possibly!  Many sports such as track, cross country, volleyball, etc. do not provide food for athletes. If a team has food, the cost is paid by students and a parent must organize food pick up.  I will not be providing this service as I have many other responsibilities however if a TEAM PARENT wants to step up to handle this please reach out to me. There WILL NEVER be an expectation that a parent provide food for the team. Parents are free to pack snacks or send money for concessions.