Boys' Soccer


ACRMS Boys Soccer Summer Workouts
All workouts thru August are INDIVIDUAL
MONDAY Run 3 miles stretch 20/20 before/after
TUESDAY Juggle 30 Minutes you should get 100
WEDNESDAY Run 3 sets of lines (6 lines, up and back)
UP 100% BACK 50% Goalline to 6/18/center/18/6/goaline
THURSDAY Juggle 30 Minutes
get the circuit L-R foot-thigh-shoulder-head up and down
bonus round left to right—LF to Rthigh to Lshould etc
FRIDAY Run 5 Miles Easy Jog with varied pace, push uphill, stride downhill Put several minutes of up tempo hard running into your run, think football, mimic the rhythm of play…
SATURDAY Day off Stretch Your Body
SUNDAY Ball Work 30 Minutes
HAVE FUN!! Try some tricks - work on moves, turns. Your challenge is to arrive at August pre-season workouts in shape. It is up to you to commit to it. If you follow the guide, you'll be ready for try-outs.