Math I

Welcome to Math I (formerly known as Algebra).  However, it isn't just a name change!  We used to teach just the Algebra strand of mathematics.  Now, we address all areas of math in this class. 
This is a HIGH SCHOOL class.  Therefore, we abide by high school regulations for attendance and exams.  All Math I students will receive a brochure explaining the difference in this high school class vs. a regular middle school math class.  Or, click here on BROCHURE.  
Our curriculum is jam packed!  We will be learning the standards listed HERE for Math I, as well as the standards for 8th Grade Math!  
Visit our Buncombe County Math page for families!  
Please email your child's Math I teacher with any questions!  We look forward to working with you this year!

Mrs. Rejzer and Mr. Hylemon