CMP Links

CMP2 Textbook online

1) go to

2) select LOGIN from the sites offered.

3) for “user name” enter ACReynoldsMiddle (this is case sensitive – exactly like the bold print)

4) for “password” enter P20132014(no spaces)

5) once you are logged in select “student edition” under the My Books tab on the left

side of your screen.

6) A blue screen will appear. Select “click here” to begin running the program.

7) This will bring up the cover page of the 6th grade book. To select 7th or 8th grade level

texts. Select your grade level from the tabs provided at the top of the screen.

8) This will pull up the front cover of the selected grade level textbook. From here,

select “contents” which is a tab on the left side of screen.

9) From here you may select any investigation or ACE questions within the textbook.