8th Grade Math CMP

Welcome to 8th Grade Math!  We are very excited to be a part of this important year preparing our students for high school!  Our philosophy of teaching math might be a bit different than you have experienced in the past.  We put our heart and soul into our students in our classrooms.  That means having the students work in small cooperative groups, teaching in small groups based on student needs to fill in gaps or to enrich, using real life stories to teach, and so much more!  What you will not see is homework.  WHAT?!?!  What we have found is that with all of the other things we are doing in class that are research supported, we just don't have time to go see who has/hasn't done the work, make parent contacts when students are doing the work, go over homework every day, all the things that make doing homework valuable to the students so that they will actually do it.  We have also found that it is not research supported for students who don't go home to a quiet place with a parent to help them.  That is many of our students in our 8th grade math classes.  However, if you would like for your child to have extra practice at home, we support you in that 100%!!!  We have found a computer program that is individualized to your child that is our best recommendation.  Expect a letter in early September about the program called ALEKS.  Or you can read about it at www.aleks.com.  But, don't order from their site!  We get a school rate that can save you lots of money.  It is cheaper than a video game!  We don't make any money from this, just offer it to your family as a supplement to what we are doing in the classroom.
If at any time you have any questions, please contact your child's math teacher!  
We look forward to working with you to ensure a successful year!
Mrs. Rejzer, Mrs. West, and Mr. Hylemon
(828) 298-7484 (Planning time 10:45-12:15)