8th Grade

8th Week of January 3, 2017!


*We welcome students back from break January 3rd.
*The next payment for Charleston is due January 13th.
All classes are now comfortably settling into our third literature unit: What Motivates Us? Classes either focused on Daniel Keyes'  "Flowers for Algernon" or Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart." Vocabulary has been a strong focus in both of these stories as the narrators use some very study-worthy language. In addition, the skill of inference has come in VERY useful for these stories as we determine the reliability of our narrators. Our root words this week were based on the theme Earth, Wind, and Fire and they were GEO, AER, and PYR.

8th Grade Math:  We have been writing linear equations.  Students had a quiz this week, and are doing corrections in class today.  When we return from break, we will continue this, but will be writing equations from tables, graphs, and context that do not give us the y-intercept.  We have learned some cool calculator features, have your child show you!
Math I:  Whew!  First unit test is OVER!  Units will move along much faster now!  We have begun our study of Statistics, Module C on their Outcomes.  The first quiz on statistics will be Monday, January 9th.  The calculators have become very important parts of our lives for this unit!

Science: We will begin our Disease Unit on Monday. Vocabulary words and related root words are due in their notebooks the day we return from break. Extra credit given to students who complete their terms/root words by Monday.

Social Studies:  We are exploring the early colonies of America.  It has been interesting seeing what lasting legacies early colonization have on our country today.  It has given students some understanding of societal issues today as well as the challenges of establishing a new civilization.  Mr. Gouge's classes are reading The Sign of the Beaver and Ms. Hartman's classes will read it after break.