7th Grade

7th Grade Weekly Newsletter


Good Morning to Parents and Families of our 7th Graders,

General Information We Would Like to Share:

  • We will continue to collect the remaining schedule cards. Please make sure your child has completed and returned this important document.
  • The 7th Grade Awards Ceremony will be held on June 12, at 9:30 a.m.
  • EOG’s are just around the corner. If you have time to volunteer as a proctor, please notify your child’s homeroom teacher.
  • EOG Schedule:  June 4 (7th grade Math), June 5 (7th grade ELA), June 6 (EOG make-ups), June 7 (Science), June 8 (Social Studies), June 11 & 12 (Make-ups)
  • We’ve worked hard all year to prepare your students for these exams.  All they need to be successful is a good night’s sleep, a good attitude, and a protein filled breakfast to give them the energy they need to endure a long testing session.


Language Arts

Erin Byrnes erin.byrnes@bcsemail.org

Melinda Bolinger Melinda.bolinger@bcsemail.org


+ The Reading EOG is Tuesday June 5.



Berly Esbenshade kimberly.esbenshade@bcsemail.org

Karen Gailey karen.gailey@bcsemail.org


+  Math EOG is Monday, June 4th.



Pam Kroswek pamela.kroswek@bcsemail.org

Hank Mann henry.mann@bcsemail.org


+The NC Final for Science will be on Thursday, June 7.


Social Studies

Bob Carpenter bob.carpenter@bcsemail.org

Hank Mann  henry.mann@bcsemail.org


+ The NC Final in Social Studies will be held on Friday, June 8.